PhotographyThe Layouts That Can Make or Break It All

The Layouts That Can Make or Break It All

Good organization and positioning of UI visual elements is key to creating a great web or mobile experience. Designers rely on layouts to introduce structure in design and give users a predictable rhyme as well as a sense of familiarity.

Grids work as a framework that helps product teams to arrange UI elements in a way that allows maintaining good visual balance from page to page. It allows designers and developers to create more consistent and appealing UIs.


Taylor Simpson / Unsplash


Taylor Simpson / Unsplash

Design consistency is what ties UI elements together with distinguishable and predictable actions, which is key for great product experience and an important thing to consider for UX Designers. A way to simplify things is to think of it as a commitment that you make to your users (“whenever you see the light gray button in the pop-up, you can assume that it will cancel and the pop-up will close”) so that they can easily interact with your product.


As they become more acquainted and become regular users, they begin to trust the product more and more, which is a reflection of the consistent design. 

Consistency in UI is a huge undertaking, and it’s easy for some parts to slip through the cracks. The end goal is, of course, a perfectly consistent and in-sync interface, but that’s not always possible right out of the gate.

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