DesignPhotography in Web Design

Photography in Web Design

Photographs surround us everywhere. On television, magazines, books, calendars, everywhere. They also appear on websites, and their quality can make or break the design and feel of the site. The importance of good photography in web design is imperative. A wonderful shot highly related to the content of the website can help to bring a visitor in, and if there are great photographs which are prominent on each page, then this helps encourage the visitor to stay even longer. High quality photography is therefore essential to help making the website professional and great to look at.

What if the site had mediocre to average photos? Then it is likely that the visitor will look at the site and hit the back button in seconds. Why? Simply because it looks as if the site owner hasn’t put a great deal of effort into the site. If little effort has been made on the aesthetics of the site, including photography, then it’s also logical to assume that the content isn’t going to be great either. Even if this wasn’t the case and the content was good, that visitor will not hang around long enough to discover. Instantly, you have lost a potential customer on your site.

Therefore great quality photography is essential for your site. It highlights your professionalism, greatly enhances the look of your site, and improves your own credibility.

You can use a great quality photograph as the main focal point of your main page. It will attract attention, draw the visitors’ eye, and encourage them to stay.

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