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On the Catwalk

This week at the Iron Yard we are learning about Backbone.js while focusing mainly on the router, models, views, and collections. I’ve tackled all of these concepts in the past two weeks, but it can get confusing rather quickly. However, when learning anything new, I try to think of simple ways to modify complex problems. Bob Marley once said, “make it so simple a baby can overstand.” Anyway, armed with the aforementioned wisdom, I constructed an easy-going way of remembering all of this stuff.

As a young footballer (soccer) growing up in America, I idolized the European stars that played in England, Italy, and Spain. The lifestyle, the money, and especially the fashion was always appealing to me. Most if not all footballers (admitted or not) secretly want to be models (I think Christiano Ronaldo has proven this theory). Anyways, how does this all relate to Javascript you say? Well, Models in Javascript, to me, are just like Models in fashion. They are “the heart of any application, containing the interactive data as well as a large part of the logic surrounding it…” Models are the essence of the brand, they are a physical constructor that validate the converted idealistic concept.

However, a model can never become famous, if the can’t be seen! Well, that’s where views come in. They are used to reflect what your applications’ data models look like. They are also used to listen to events and react accordingly. All starting to make a little more sense?

Moreover, it all comes together in collections, as they are simply an ordered set of Models (Christiano and 10 of his friends). Typically a collection (think of an agency)will only use one type of model but models themselves are not limited to a type of collection.

Models, Views, and collections are all extremely difficult principles in their own right to understand, but having these simple analogies to refer to can help in the long run!

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